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Versatile + Modular + Customizable

Fiber Laser Marking Solutions

For over 20 years, Paragon has designed fiber laser marking systems for both small businesses and large-scale industry. Our systems are easy to learn, yet powerfully equipped to create the perfect mark every time on metals, plastics, composites and more.

Fiber Laser Marking & Engraving Systems


Fully enclosed, all-in-one, fiber laser system featuring a compact tabletop design.

ParaMark™ Class I

Freestanding, all-in-one system featuring a programmable Z-axis for volume production.

Paragon Laser Class IV

Open chassis design for integration into an existing laser safe room or enclosure.

Why choose Paragon Laser Systems


All Paragon Lasers will mark a wide variety of metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, and some rubbers. Our lasers can produce everything from simple barcodes to complex photographs.

Modular & Customizable

Easily replace parts or add additional features to your laser with our modular system. Customize your own software settings or choose from 250+ preset options.

Easy to Learn

Our systems are simple to learn and operate. Each Paragon Laser comes with one day of hands on, on-site training and set up, plus a comprehensive operating manual.

Low Maintenance

Paragon Lasers are ruggedly designed for long life, with a laser life expectancy up to 100,000 hours. Our lasers can operate 24/7 with little to no maintenance.

Proven industry track record

Our fiber laser marking technology has a proven track across a wide variety of industries and applications

Industrial & Manufacturing

Automotive Parts

Computers & Electronics

Military Item ID

Medical Technology

Aircraft & Aerospace

Material Bonding

Decorative Engraving

Tool ID & Tracking

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