Why should you choose Paragon Laser Systems?


Easily replace parts or add additional features to your laser with our modular system. Your Paragon Laser System is designed in service modules for computer, laser, scan head and control electronics. Paragon keeps an inventory of laser components should you require a replacement.


Paragon Lasers will mark a wide variety of metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, and some rubbers at mark speed of 196.8 inches per second. The software is capable of marking complex images such as photographs in JPG or BMP format as well as CAD files, 2D barcode, data matrix, serialization, shapes, vector & raster graphics, and date & time.


All of our standard products include customizable software and laser settings. Create your own software settings or choose from a library of 256 pre-defined combinations for various materials.  The laser speed, frequency and power settings can be adjusted to create a wide variety of mark types ranging from a non-invasive surface mark to a heavy-duty deep mark.

Additionally, we can further customize your system. Our engineers can design, fabricate and install turnkey solutions. Contact us with your marking specifications. 

Easy to Use

Our systems are simple to learn and operate. You'll receive a reference file containing suggested settings for materials ranging from chrome, steel, stainless, copper, brass, plastics and rubber. Also, the marking software comes with an easy to use, preconfigured settings library allowing the operator to quickly identify and match settings to materials. Each setting can be named to reflect material, work order, job number and more making it fast and easy to attain the correct mark settings. Serialization, barcode, data matrix, geometric shapes, graphics, True Type and Post Script fonts are included within the standard software.

All Inclusive, Plug & Play Set Up

Our systems come with everything you need – an industrial computer, controls, laser, powered focus adjustment, pointer preview, and tooling in a simple easy to use package.

All of our systems are very low voltage with 110/115 VAC 15 amp circuit requirements. This allows for easy installation with a standard wall plug in offices as well as industrial plant environments.

Low Maintenance & Low Operational Cost

Paragon Lasers are ruggedly designed for long life, with a laser life expectancy up to 100,000 hours. Our lasers can operate 24/7 with little to no maintenance. You need only clean your lens and fan filters occasionally.

Our systems are 100% air cooled, with no water-based chillers, heat exchangers or external components required to lower your operational and maintenance costs. 

On-site, hands-on training

Each Paragon Laser comes with one day of on site training/installation and a complete System Instruction Manual - including start-up/shut-down procedures, operational procedures, a troubleshooting section, general maintenance procedures and photographs of major systems components including labels and part descriptions.